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GET Signage offers its clients online sign ordering and print asset procurement. We build software for multi-location clients, who manage multiple vendors, inventory, warehousing, signage and print assets, including price tickets. Custom catalogue ordering, location management including order history, digital menu displays and templated printed via a data base. Organize not agonize.

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Reactive Signage

Carol Clapham

Digital Signage is expected to grow in the millions of units over the next five years according to a “Special Report on Digital Signage” by SignMedia. The cost of entry is shrinking with hardware costs continuing downward substantially with all in one plug and play units. Digital signage is effective, easily changeable - with content specific to a store or demographic area. It is the future, it is the now and sign businesses that do not embrace it will run the risk of being left behind as the science of consumer behaviour and our ability to manage it becomes even more and more technical.

Clients demand creative solutions that are cost effective and targeted. Everyone’s interest is in increasing sales by enhancing customer convenience through the provision of information and content based systems. Systems that educate and inform the customer in a non-invasive and fluid fashion. Retailers want their sign programs to function in a relevant and current manner that ensures continuity and effective promotion of brand.