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GET Signage offers its clients online sign ordering and print asset procurement. We build software for multi-location clients, who manage multiple vendors, inventory, warehousing, signage and print assets, including price tickets. Custom catalogue ordering, location management including order history, digital menu displays and templated printed via a data base. Organize not agonize.


PTOS - Print Ticket Ordering Software

PTOS (Print Ticket Ordering System) is a one of a kind price or print ticket ordering software- nothing else like it on the market with
a 9 year track record.

Click here to watch the PTOS video

PTOS was originally short for Price Ticket Ordering Software, though in truth it could generate any type of ticket/print item that pulls its information from a DATA BASE, and places it in an Adobe PDF form.   

what PTOS does is...

PTOS is a secure, web-based software program that streamlines the production and distribution process of a printed asset and/or it can feed into any digital display with price points: such as menu boards

Whether you prefer centralized or store-by-store ordering, price/data changes need only be entered once. From that single entry your digital displays, master price lists and print assets are ALL updated and print files are ready to go, on your instructions, all in real time, including display of effective dates 

best candidates for PTOS are customers... 

  • with extremely quick price (data) to press turn around requirements
  • with repetitive graphic layouts that require different data 
  • with multiple repetitive large orders
  • with multiple locations to serve
  • with multiple price tickets/print items to manage
  • who understand that good processes generate savings by eliminating redundant or inefficient workflow 
  • that require consistent branding be maintained at store level 

the key benefits

  • Elimination of excel spreadsheets, duplication of work, costly human errors and saves time 
  • Centralization of all your ordering information, items (print assets), display types, supplier, locations /contacts – you don’t have to go look for anything, the system holds it all. 
  • Connectivity - You can view your order on line, anytime, you just need a web browser… smartphone friendly. 
  • Multiple Forms – one price point can be entered across multiple ticket types/sizes or display assets such as POS merchandisers. 
  • Digital Displays – data from PTOS can be fed into digital displays / menus, anywhere there is internet connection or wifi access.